Men ARE from Mars

I started reading John Gray’s Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus in the hopes I could gain some insight into the stupid arguments that Kevin and I have.  You know, the arguments that most couples have over the completely insignificant shit.  That’s when crazy Laura comes out.  So, I figure if I can gain some insight into the male mind, perhaps I will be less inclined to freak out every time Kevin chooses to watch TV over some priority that I have made up in my mind but not communicated.   ANYWAYS…so far, the book is interesting (I am only in chapter 2).  I seem to fall into the stereotypical woman category – unfortunately this is a bad thing.  So probably best I picked up a copy.  I think Kevin is borderline insulted that I am reading a relationship-help book.  And guess what, apparently that is typical of a man…haha.  That is my amusing fact of the day. 

Pants:  Gap Women’s Skinny Ponte Pant
Blouse:  Winners (similar here and here)
Belt:  Winners (similar)
Clutch:  Locale (similar here and here)
Shoes:  Cole Haan Air Andi (similar here or see this post)
Leaf Necklace: Amrita Singh (similar here and here)

My laptop has a bilingual keyboard.  Today it thinks it is French.  This is why I am trying to avoid apostrophes, quotation marks, etc.  These characters do not work with French keyboard.  I generally have to restart my computer to get it back to English again.  I suppose I could find a fast fix online, but I am too lazy to search.   This is probably one of my woman irrationalities – I want to talk about my problems rather than receive a solution.  Kevin could gain some insight into this if he read some John Gray. 

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