Blouse:  Gap (I like to pretend it is silk, but really it is polyester…)
Pants:  H&M
Clutch:  Locale
Wedges:  Nine West
Jewelery:  Amrita Singh (earrings, bracelets, owl ring)
Glasses:  Armani Exchange

The lighting this evening played tricks with my camera.  My pants are actually navy and my top is actually a light beige (not purple and pink as per the pics above).  I tried to change the colours in Picasa, but was VERY unsuccessful.  So, you get the unedited pink/purple version. 

For some reason today’s photos remind me of Marsha Brady.  I remember seeing an episode of The Brady Bunch as a child (the only episode I saw, ever), and Marsha was all about wearing pink and purple.  Very bright pink and purple…together.  If she were a real person, I imagine Marsha would be loving the new (revived?) colour blocking trend.   

It’s funny what pop culture memories we retain from childhood.  Like I said, I only watched one episode of The Brady Bunch – ever.  Yet, for some reason, Marsha’s affinity stuck in my head.  Probably because I was jealous.  I didn’t have cool bright pink and purple outfits. 

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