D-I-Y Mini Winter Hats

Since this is the first (upcoming) holiday season in our new house, I have been thinking a lot about decorations.  Here’s a look at some cute little winter hats (toques – for my Canadian friends).

What you need:
Yarn (thick yarn works best, I unfortunately used the thin stuff in this tutorial)
Empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls
Ruler (optional)

Difficulty: Easy – I learned how to do this in about grade 4

If you like to measure, cut about a 10” lengths of yarn (this does not have to be exact!)

You can choose to use multiple colours of yarn – for ease, I only used two colours in this tutorial

Cut the paper towel roll into 0.5 – 1” pieces.  This forms the band of the hat.

Now it’s time to knot the yarn.  Fold a piece of yarn in half.

Put the folded yarn into the paper town roll.

Pass the yarn tails through the loop.

Pull to tighten.


Keep adding more yarn.

Finished knotting…

To create the pom-pom, tie the yarn strands together.

Cut pom-pom to desired length.  Fluff the yarn to create more of a fuzzy pom-pom (not shown)

You can hang the finished product on a tree…

…or add a festive touch to everyday items

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