Taking on the Windchill in Leopard Print Heels

Today the temperature was below zero degrees Celsius with the windchill.  Brrrrr.  These were undoubtedly the fastest pics to date.

On an unrelated note, I spent a bit of money at Michael’s tonight.  Why are craft supplies so expensive?  I thought the point of crafting was (partially) to save money?  If you are like me, and buying (some of?) your supplies at Michael’s, I am not sure you are actually saving money. It’s a catch-22 though…I try to pick things up at the dollar store whenever possible, but the stuff at Michael’s is just so much nicer.  And since crafters generally have an artistic eye, they want the nicer looking craft materials.  Damn you Michael’s for making me overpay for a 1” circle paper punch.

Top:  Zara

Jeans:  Zara
Clutch:  New Look
Jewelry:  Amrita Singh
Heels:  Expression (from The Bay)

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