D-I-Y Scalloped Christmas Balls

I am currently loving the scalloped Christmas tree look (see here), so I decided to apply the same technique to my Christmas ornaments.

Time: 30 minutes for a small (1.5” diameter) ball
Age:  hmmmm…hard to say.  Patience is a must.  Fast drying glue is also a must for younger children.  Probably age 12 and up?  The small paper circles can be a challenge to align (and keep in the right position) if your glue does not dry fast.

Styrofoam ball (showing a 1.5” ball)
Hole punch (I used a 3/8” punch)
Paper (I used thicker scrap-booking paper, but this can also be done using construction paper, wrapping paper, or even felt)
Glue (clear, fast-dry glue would be best)
Dressmaking pins (optional)

Punch out circles

Glue (or pin) the bottom circle first:

Begin gluing first row of circles onto the ball.  Overlap edges.

Continue adding rows. 

(I have flipped ball over)
Once the entire ball is covered, you will be left with a small opening at the top.

Glue (or pin) the final circle onto the top of the ball

Glue (or pin) on ribbon


You can change-up the effect by using a variety of paper patterns & by altering the ball size.  The ornament below was made using 7 different paper patterns on a 6” diameter styrofoam ball.

Have fun!

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