My lovely friend Shannon introduced me to a new eyeliner last weekend – MAC Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner.  It is AMAZING!!!  (in case you are curious, I have no affiliation with MAC Cosmetics)

Prior to trying the MAC eyeliner, I had always put myself into the “I can’t put on eyeliner properly” category.  So for years I faked it with a trick I learned from Carmindy (I think…) on What Not to Wear – I used a flat edged brush and applied black eyeshadow along my lash line.  This worked…sort of.  My eyeshadow line generally wore off after a few hours. Every once an a while I would get frustrated with this method and purchase an over-priced pencil or liquid eyeliner that I would inevitably toss in the garbage after multiple failed uses.

Sweater:  Zara
Shirt:  Gap
Pants:  Yoga Jeans by Second Clothing (made in Canada!)
Shoes:  Calvin Klein Sandrie loafer
Socks:  Joe Fresh
Necklace:  RW & Co.
Bracelets:  Ricki’s and gift
Bag:  Winners

On a slightly random note, my automatic shutter release hasn’t been working well recently.  I kind of think it is due to the cold (it functions fine when I test it indoors).  This does not bode well for winter photography 😦

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