Re-style a summer dress for the holidays

I actually forgot I had taken these pics last month…

Today I was raking my brain, trying to think about an outfit for my first festive holiday party of the season.  I figured I would re-do this outfit.  Which led me to think of these pics from October…  And just like that, I have an outfit post 🙂 

For the upcoming holiday season, a great way to save a little money is to re-style a summer dress.  By adding a dark blazer and some heavy jewelry to this beige dress, I have a winter-appropriate party-dress.  Depending on the party, I might also choose to add some sparkly shoes or tights. 

The rules for winterizing a dress:
1. Stick to dresses made from fabrics that are popular is all seasons (silk, satin, poly-blends, etc).  Stay away from cotton sundresses!
2. Patterns can be tricky.  Some patters may work for winter, some don’t.  To be safe, re-style a solid-coloured dress
3.  Add other winter clothing pieces.  I chose a blazer for these photos, but I could have thrown on an over-sized sweater, scarf, or layered the dress over a turtleneck. 
4.  Add some heavy jewlery pieces that are appropriate for the season.  I chose a dark bib necklace and some dark bracelets.

Silk dress:  Club Monaco
Blazer:  Aritzia
Clutch:  Le Chateau
Heels:  Nina
Earrings:  unknown
Necklace:  Garbo (@ The Bay)
Bracelets:  Mexx, unknown

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