A little green

Today, after grabbing dinner at the mall (the food court has far more choice than my fridge at the moment – don’t judge), I wandered into H&M.  After trying on a bunch of items, I bought nothing.  Not because I didn’t find anything I liked, but because I don’t NEED anything new & because I made a pact with myself – no more frivolous shopping!

Anyways, while I was handing off the clothes to the change room attendant, a teenage girl was showing off (to her mom) the H&M dress she had on (I am assuming for a holiday formal?).  It was the shortest dress ever!!!  And her mom ohh-ed and ahh-ed over it!!  I just about fell over.  My parents would have never let me dress like a streetwalker in high school.  Now that I am older, I have a whole new appreciation for the expectations my parents placed on me.  “Dress classy” was an important expectation. 

Blazer:  J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer
T-shirt:  Banana Republic
Pants:  Zara
Bracelets & Necklace:  Amrita Singh
Clutch:  Josette Cacnio (Hamilton-based Canadian designer).  I have been carrying this clutch daily.  A little obsessed perhaps?
Shoes:  Rock & Republic Nika Pumps.  It’s hard to tell from the pics, but there are square studs on the toebox.  They make me feel like a little bit of a rebel 🙂 

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