D-I-Y: Ribbon wrapped trees

I was trying avoid school work this evening, so I got creative…

I have seen many these paper trees all over the internet.  I am sure I am not the first person to think of wrapping the “tree” with ribbons, however I thought I would post my version anyways…

Paper (I used thicker card-stock scrap-booking paper)

~ 30 mins


Put glue on one edge of the paper (a short side if you have rectangular paper), only about 1/2 the way down – you can add more glue later. 

Make a cone and add more glue where necessary (normally at the edges!).  Allow a minute or two for the glue to partially dry. 

Cut off excess paper at the bottom of the cone so the tree is able to sit flat (probably the hardest step for me – it took me about 5 tries to get the base somewhat flat).

Beginning at either the top or the bottom, glue down ribbon and wrap tree.  I only glued down the ribbon at the bottom and the top.  This gave the ribbon a more drape-y feel.  Once all the ribbon was added (I used 5 strands), I added a few ‘anchoring’ spots of glue – normally just to glue the strands of ribbon together at points where they crossed.

The finished product…

And with some smaller ribbon-less paper trees I quickly glued together…

Thanks for reading.  Happy crafting 🙂

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