Getting better at taking indoor photos & an ambitious new years resolution

I can’t believe the holidays are over – for me, it feels like they just began.  After a whirlwind of family, friends, and more family, I am ready for a real holiday.  It seems that when you get to that certain “responsible age”, Christmas and New Years become more of a mad rush between commitments rather than a relaxing time.  Having said all that, I definitely personally contribute to the stress of the holidays.  I sometimes just need to learn to say “no” & take personal time for myself.  This leads me into my new years resolution – I resolve to stop creating my own stress.  Realistically, I doubt I will fully accomplish this goal – I am a stress-ball by nature, however I think I can take steps to try and not make a situation worse by not mentally piling all of my worries, doubts, and anxieties onto every little thing that doesn’t go according to the “Laura plan”.  Here’s to a great 2012!

Top:  BB Dakota
Pants:  BB Dakota
Cuff:  Mexx
Ring:  Amrita Singh
Necklace:  RW & Co.
Clutch:  Josette Cacnio
Heels:  Expression “Carinaleo” Pumps (@ The Bay)

I think my wireless shutter release is shot.  I am so angry – it is only about 6 months old!  Arhhhh!  I took these pictures using my camera timer.  It was quite the song and dance – focus the camera on the lamp (b/c it wouldn’t focus on the wall properly), set the timer, run and move the lamp out of the shot, pose, repeat.  After 11 pictures I was thoroughly annoyed.  Fortunately 3 of the 11 photos were usable.  Even so, I NEED to pick up a new shutter release (probably won’t be happening for another two weeks though…)

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