A Thrift Payload! (aka Thrift Finds 1)

On Saturday I was going stir-crazy so I decided to take a break from studying to check out my local Value Village.  Much to my delight, I came home with two great skirts and a silk blouse.  It baffles me what people give away.  All three pieces are still very much in style & in amazing condition!

However, the story of the night was a RED Valintino pencil skirt that I found for $9.99.  Unfortunately it was a size 0, and despite all my jumping, wiggling, and breath-holding in the change rooms, I could barely get the skirt over my hips, let alone zip it up.  So with much sadness, I put the RED Valentino skirt back onto the rack for someone else to discover…  I have been seriously considering going back to buy the skirt [which you know if you follow me on Twitter!].  But eventually common sense won out – there is little point in buying something that I will never be able to wear [although I suppose I could flip a profit on eBay].  Hopefully the next person that comes across the RED Valentino skirt appreciates what they are holding [because obviously VV’s pricer did not]

Silk blouse:  Chelsea Flower
Print Skirt:  Kasper
Leather Panel Skirt:  Vakko, Nieman Marcus

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