Friday & the weekend

This is my work outfit from Friday.  I think the top says casual Friday while the bottoms say work wear.  The best of two worlds maybe?

This Saturday, I took my camera and my defective shutter releases into Henry’s Camera for some help.  My new shutter release didn’t work either leading me to think that perhaps the port on my camera had stopped working.  I was pretty depressed thinking about either having to pay a couple hundred dollar for a repair OR shell out for a new camera.  Fortunately, the guys at the Hazeldean location were able to determine that it was NOT my camera, and that in fact my new wireless shutter release was defective (they had no idea why my old release stopped working).  Regardless, I was ecstatic – no expensive camera repairs!  To boot, we tested a 3rd, cheaper wireless shutter release in the store, and once we determined it worked with my camera, I was able to exchange my defective release for the much cheaper version.  So my camera is working, I have a functional shutter release, and I have $60 back in my pocket.  All in all, a pretty good day!

T-shirt:  Banana Republic (currently on sale here)
Pants:  Ricki’s (I really like the colouring of these pants – the pic above sort of shows the black and light grey wool pattern, but it’s more pronounced in real life) (similar)
Necklace:  RW & Co. (similar)
Bracelet:  Cassis (similar here and here)
Clutch:  Josette Cacnio (similar)
Shoes:  Banana Republic Ellen ballet flat

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