Blog updates!

(image via Pinterest)

I spent a good portion of my Saturday tinkering with my blog.  Most notably:

1) You can now subscribe to Laura Wears via email.  Simply enter your email in the box on the right, and my blog content will be emailed to you every time I update.  It is powered by FeedBurner – a Google project (ie. it’s legit & won’t send you spam).

2) I made an ‘About’ page.  It is surprisingly difficult to write about yourself. 

3) Last but not least, I figured out how to add a “comments” link at the bottom of my posts.  This little issue has bothered me since day 1.  My blog theme requires that I have comments at the top of my posts, but this really doesn’t make sense based on the length of my posts – by the time a reader gets to the bottom, the comments link is far gone.  I could change the theme, but to be honest, I couldn’t find a free one that I liked & I am too cheap to pay for a custom theme at the moment.  So, with a lot of internet searching & some HTML code editing, I managed to get a second comment link/count at the bottom of all my posts.  Hooray!

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