Colourblocking Stripes

More stripes 🙂

Last week I posted a clean eating, no preservatives and no processed foods challenge.  The goal was to eliminate these foods from my diet for a week. I am happy to report back that I stuck to the diet, for the most part.  Unfortunately, I have a weakness for chocolate and candy, so I will admit that I snuck a few treats from the candy jar here and there.  Either way, I am still happy that I actually put effort into trying to eat clean for a week.  I made myself healthy work lunches and tried a bunch of new recipes (I don’t normally cook a lot).  I definitely plan to continue eating clean.  The recipes have been delicious, and I actually think my skin looks better (is that even possible in a week? most likely I am just imagining it – but even still, imagining nice skin can still be a positive benefit!)

Sweater:  Banana Republic (similar)
Pants:  J.Crew Cafe Capri
Necklace:  Z Designs (similar)
Ring:  Amrita Singh (similar)
Purse:  Thrifted (similar – and on my lust list)
Glasses:  Armani Exchange (similar)
Sandals:  Pour la Victoire Vanna (also here)

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