DIY Multi-strand Necklace

I fell in love with this necklace at Tory Burch.  The problem?  The $395 price tag.  So, I decided to do the next best thing – DIY something similar. 

For my first attempt, I decided to use neutral coloured beads for both practical (goes with everything) and availability purposes (Walmart didn’t have much selection and Michael’s was closed when I wanted beads). 

Beads  [I used 3 different types – large beige ball, small beige ball, and a white oval]
Clear jewelry cord  [I used the stretchy stuff, but the non-stretch stuff would probably be just as good for the necklaces]
Clasps [the Tory Burch option has a single clasp but since I couldn’t find any, I put an individual clasp on each strand.  To be honest, clasps aren’t necessary since the strands are so long]

Time Required:
About 3 hours…maybe?  I worked on this on-and-off while watching tv for a few days

Total Cost:
about $25

What I did:
Shortest Strand – 4 small balls, 2 oval…
2nd Strand – 10 large balls, oval, small, oval…
3rd Strand – Oval, small, big, small, big, small big, oval…
Longest Strand – alternated between large and small round beads

See Monday’s post for more pics!

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