Black and White

I picked up a few things during Jacob’s online summer sale – this top being one such item.  When it arrived I realized I needed a smaller size…  Now, had I been shopping in-store, I would have either a) gone and grabbed a smaller size, or b) if there wasn’t a smaller size in-stock, I probably would have not bought the blouse.  Simple.
Interestingly, I have come to realize my shopping rules change in the case of online purchases.  Instead of insisting on the correct size, my thought process goes something like this:  “Shit, this is too big… Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!  It is such a pain in the ass to send online orders back (in general).  How big is it?  Probably only a size too large.  Can I make it work anyways?  Maybe.  How much did I pay again?  Oh, that’s not too bad.  Not really worth sending back.  Maybe I can just fix it myself.  Where are the darts?  Hmmmm…I could probably rip out a few seams and alter it…”
…so here we have the finished (altered) product. Unfortunately there is a big crease across the front – probably from my seat-belt?

Top:  Jacob {currently on sale!}
Pants:  Jacob {really old!}  (very similar)
Bracelets:  The pearl-looking bracelet is actually one strand from my DIY multi-strand necklace tutorial – now I am glad I chose to use stretchy jewelry thread!  Not sure where I got the silver bracelet (brain fart – here’s an almost identical version).  I thrifted the gold bracelet on my right arm (might actually be a necklace – it is double wrapped)
Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange
Purse:  Josette Cacnio
Shoes:  Jean-Michel Cazabat ‘Ozara’  {a recent addiction}


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