Long Weekend Roundup

Let me start by saying:  I LOVE LONG WEEKENDS!  Every weekend should be a 3-day weekend. I mostly stayed at home and caught up on things around the house (mowed the lawn, dusted, and planned meals for the upcoming week).  I also did a little bit of online and in-store shopping.  If it isn’t already obvious, I am a sale shopper, through-and-through.  I picked up some scarves (here) and a tank top at the Club Monaco sale this weekend as well as a few items at Dynamite and Winners.  I haven’t really shopped at Dynamite much since I was in high school (10 years ago…sigh) – their clothes just haven’t been resonating with me.  However, I ended up popping into their Bayshore location b/c the The Dapper Bun recently linked to a wool jacket that I thought was incredibly (surprisingly) cute.  It seems that Dynamite is in a process of re-branding (maybe?) – there were number of great Zara-esque items in-store.  So, for the time being, Dynamite has made it’s way back onto my list of stores to watch…  I ended up picking up this cami in black and cream, this blazer, and these great elastic waist crops.  I started feeling guilty about all the purchases (b/c I really have been trying to save $$), so I left these mint crops, but I expect I will eventually give in and go buy them next time I am at Bayshore…

On a different note, we had a visitor in our pond this weekend:

We are not sure how he got in – it’s about a 1 foot drop into our man-made pond.  To help him get out, we set up a board from the island (where he is in this pic), to the top of the pond.  Hopefully he wants to head back home (I suspect he lives in the swamp behind our property), because if he stays, I think our pond frog population will suffer 😦  FYI, (s)he’s a snapper. 

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