Burgundy on burgundy

After my burgundy post on the weekend (here), I was tempted to pull out my burgundy cords this past Sunday…

Sweater:  Pure by Alfred Sung {from Zellers}  (similar)
Pants:  Gap legging cords {bought last fall}
Coat:  Gap {old!  Bought in 2007 when I went to Newfoundland to promote a summer camp}  (similar)
Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange
Bracelets:  Jacob
Bag:  Erica Anenberg ‘Anaconda’ Tote
Necklace:  homemade {see the DIY here}  (similar)
Shoes:  Naturalizer  (similar Naturalizer option)  {also old – bought in 2006 while I was in teacher’s college – I thought they looked professional so I picked them up to wear for my teaching placements.  For those who have asked about my job – I am a certified teacher, but I do not teach, nor do I plan to teach.  The career outlook for teachers in the Ottawa area is poor.  Too many teachers, not enough students.  I have friends who have worked supply, mat leaves, etc for 5 years and still don’t have a full time job. After my undergrad, I didn’t want to be done school, so I figured teacher’s college was a low-risk venture that only took one additional year.  I met some great people, learned how to effectively present information, as well as some great tactics to deal with my unruly kids…tactics that I didn’t employ this weekend when I yelled at some random kids that were making little effort to catch their dog who was running wild near a busy road.  I could write a HUGE rant about that situation with some not-so-nice words but I will spare you the tirade.  One thing that teacher’s college didn’t teach me was patience for ignorance…} 

Shop this look…

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