Plaid pants and a yellow sweater


These indoor photos turned out better than expected – still not great, but decent enough…  I have been fiddling with my camera in an attempt to get decent indoor shots b/c I refuse to go through another winter with crappy photos. 

Yesterday I discovered CNN’s Just a Distraction video series.  Hilarious!  And stream-able at the office!



Sweater:  Zara {last winter}
Pants:  D&G  {just arrived – bought from over the American Thanksgiving weekend – decided to wear them as-is here, however will definitely be dropping the hem to make them full-length pants…hello extra cuff material!} (similar)
Necklace:  Osolee ‘Marilyn’
Bracelets:  Cassis {cuff}, Club Monaco {gold wrap}
Purse:  Erica Anenberg ‘Anaconda’
Shoes:  Sam Edelman ‘Portney’


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