Our Christmas Tree






I didn’t have an opportunity to take outfit photos this weekend, so instead I thought I would post some snapshots of our tree.  I really like the somewhat-rustic feel 🙂  Last year I hated our tree.  It was our first year in the new house and everything about Christmas was rushed – including the tree decorating.  This year, I had more time to get creative and make a number of new ornaments including some twig reindeer and material-wrapped balls {although neither are pictured here}

1.  Paint chip tree ornament (DIY)
2.  Glitter snowflake
3.  Of course we had to have something Ottawa Senators-themed on the tree…
4.  Plastic deer {passed down from my Grandmother – last year I had them standing on the window sill, but sticking them in the tree has proved a far better option}
5.  Rustic twig (??) ball.  Bought at Ikea.  I think they were supposed to be put in a bowl as a centerpiece.  I decided to re-purpose them as ornaments.

This also happened….


Doesn’t he look thrilled to be moonlighting as a reindeer?

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