J.Crew Colorblock Shell and Stovepipe Pants


A very similar color palette to Thursday’s post


The new Tumblr update was rolled out to my account over the weekend.  Unfortunately this means I can’t construct posts in the same way – for instance, it appears I can no longer link photos to my Photobucket account in a text-based post. 

Even though I managed to get a post up, these photos are directly uploaded to Tumblr instead of being hosted through Photobucket.  I expect will begin to bog down the site if I continue to create posts in this manner.  Plus the screen keeps jumping around and the view is not optimized for my 15” widescreen (I keep having to scroll up every time I want to add a link).  I really didn’t want to move platforms, but unfortunately I need more functionality and useability than Tumblr is now offering {my #1 gripe being the photo issues}.  WordPress users:  have you migrated your blog from Tumblr or a different platform?  How did that go?

On a more positive note:  Did you enter the MsDressy.com giveaway yet?  There are only a few entrants so far.

Top:  J.Crew Colorblock Shell {on sale – plus take an extra 40% off final sale items until Jan 29!}
Sweater:  RW & Co.
Pants:  J.Crew Stovepipe Pants {these colors are on sale!}
Hat:  Club Monaco Lydia Cashmere Hat
Gloves:  Zellers
Bracelets:  Club Monaco wrap bracelet, thrifted bangles
Bag:  Erica Anenberg
Shoes:  Naturalizer {old!}


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