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A few years ago, Kevin bought me a pair of 1.0 ct diamond stud earrings for my birthday.  I wear them almost every day.  In fact, it is rare to see me with a different set of earrings.  However, recently I have been looking at expanding my earring collection (can I call it a collection if I only have a few pairs?)  with a pair of small diamond hoop earrings.  While I haven’t committed to anything (hoping this will turn into a birthday present!), I have been browsing on Anjolee.com more than I care to admit… 

I first learned about Anjolee when they approached me about a sponsored post in the fall, and when I received a follow-up email last week asking about a second sponsored post, I jumped at the opportunity.   I like playing around with the customization settings which allow users choose their preferred metal, diamond size, and diamond quality.  I have spent a fair amount of time customizing these channel-looking hoops, these multi-stone hoops (named Must Have Diamond Hoop Earrings…maybe that’s a hint?) and these 3-stone hoops in various configurations.   I have also been browsing educational section to learn about choosing stones – did you know that diamond quality is more of concern for diamonds 0.5 ct and larger?  This was news to me.  Since I am looking for smaller diamonds anyways, this allows me to save a bit of money!

Below are a few of my favorite jewelry pieces currently available through Anjolee (save 5% on all Anjolee pieces with code MP591). 


photo Picture2_zpsc75070f2.jpg

1.  Wavy X Oval Stone Bracelet
2.  Be Mine Diamond Solitaire Pendant
3.  Three Stone Diamond Hoop Earrings
4.  Variable Oval Gemstone Bracelet

This post was sponsored by Anjolee.com, however all the opinions in this post are my own.

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