Holiday Gift Idea – Jewelry

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As the holidays approach, I have starting thinking about my gift-list.  For the last few years I have tried to purchase gifts that retain value (beyond the initial surprise on Christmas morning).  Recently, I have been thinking about buying my sister jewelry for the holidays.  Jewelry is known to keep it’s value, and in a time of economic instability, it seems like a good investment (as compared to other more-disposable gifts).  Anjolee is an online jewelry retailer that allows you to fully customize your jewelry purchase – for instance bangle bracelets, rings and necklaces can be made with different metals (white gold, yellow gold, platinum), plus you can chose a variety of diamond sizes, and diamond quality.  By completely customizing your purchase, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you want, within an appropriate budget. In addition, Anjolee guarantees that all their diamonds are certified as conflict-free (read more about that here).

 photo anjolee2013_zps3417f199.png

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