Another snowy day

 photo IMG_6857_zpsd4929c52.jpg
 photo IMG_6864_zps18e62413.jpg
 photo IMG_6816_zpsa62d13ee.jpg
 photo IMG_6830-brighter_zps773d1f1a.jpg

Another snowy weekend post… I guess last weekend’s early snow fall wasn’t such an anomaly after all…

Coat:  SheInside
Scarf:  Zara {recent}
Sunglasses:  Aldo
Pants:  J.Crew full-length Minnie in bi-stretch wool {LOVE – I have this style in three colors}
Purse:  Erica Anenberg Anaconda
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini Karissa {also available here – I’ve had these boots since 2011 – they are a long-standing favorite!} {similar style}


    1. Thanks! I actually find it easier to take photos outside because of the light levels – my house is incredibly dark and I can never manage to get a good, well-lit photo. So I guess the outdoor photos are more of a necessity rather than a choice lol. That being said, if I had access to your photo locations, I would definitely opt for indoor photos instead!

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  1. Wow beautiful. You look amazing as usual, and love that coat. I must admit thanks to you I have had my first view of snow lol. Wow!
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  2. I feel your pain as a fellow Ottawa dweller!
    Can I ask you about your experience with SheInside? There are a couple of cute items that I would like to order, but I’m hesitating based on the horrible reviews online. What do you think? How is the quality of their items?



    1. Hi Stephanie – SheInside is an interesting beast… I would equate the quality to that of Forever 21, H&M, or Zara (sometimes). I actually think this coat is a Zara knock-off, but I could be wrong. In my experience the coats seem to be okay quality – not amazing, but not terrible considering the price. Their poly blouses are hit-and-miss. I also have a sweater that of okay quality. I think their quality is reflected in their pricing, so I tend to stay away from the really cheap stuff.
      I haven’t had any real issues with shipping. Normally parcels arrive in about a month (although I think my last order was a little longer). I would advise against expecting shorter timelines (even with the “express shipping” option). I haven’t tried to return anything – mostly because I don’t want to pay return shipping to China (and also because I have heard that the return process is ridiculous). Sometimes I get hit with duty charges, other times I don’t…
      As for the sizing, definitely look at the size charts provided for each item. The sizes are really variable. I normally wear a S in north american sizing, but I am anywhere from a M-XL according to the SheInside size charts.
      Hope that helps 🙂


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