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As you may have noticed, my blog posts are becoming less and less frequent.  Recently, I’ve had a hard time balancing all of life’s demands, and my blog has definitely suffered.  In an effort to try and regain some balance in my life, I’m trying to spend 10-15 minutes each morning outside.  During this time I stretch, do yoga, or sometimes just sit and watch the birds, chipmunks, etc that frequent my yard.  I find this routine helps me re-focus and re-energize before a busy day.

Top:  c/o Ricki’s Active {love the detailing – will try to get a detail shot up at some point}
Bottoms: c/o Ricki’s Active {these are made from a nice thick material.  Love the cropped length!  I’ve had both items for about 1 month now, and have worn and washed them numerous times.  They have washed up well and maintain their shape.  Definitely recommend the Ricki’s Active line!  Well made and reasonably priced!}