Enzo Angiolini Karissa

…baby, it’s cold outside…

winter outfit j.crew vest

cold weather outfit

Vest:  J.Crew Factory {similar – also worn here and here}
Long-sleeve Tee:  Gap
Blouse:  Winners
Hat:  Dynamite
Necklace:  J.Crew Factory
Skirt:  Kasper  {thrifted! similar}
Leggings:  Club Monaco {take 30% off sale items with code HAPPY30}
Bag:  Walter
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini Karissa

Sorry for the lack of recent updates – we are in the middle of an unseasonably low cold-snap & I have been trying to avoid going outside whenever possible.  Normally the average for this time of year is about -5C.  At that temperature I can still be outside with the dogs – take them running or snowshoeing.  However, with our recent temperatures in the -20’s, they want to be outside even less than I do.

Bundling up with my puffer vest…again

winter puffer vest j.crew

how to wear a winter puffer vest

Vest:  J.Crew
Shirt:  J.Crew Elodie blouse
Pants:  J.Crew Paley pants
Scarf:  Joe Fresh
Bracelet:  Club Monaco wrap bracelet
Clutch:  Josette Cacnio
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’

So…winter is back.  With a vengeance.  Do you know what I was doing last year at this time?  Golfing.  And wearing shorts.  Guess what I did yesterday?  Shoveled snow.  Somehow this doesn’t seem fair…

I just updated the sale listings – check out the great spring deals!

Banana Republic Riviera blouse and trouser jeans

 photo IMG_0742_zps90346485.jpg

 photo IMG_0726_zpsf859e083.jpg

Not the greatest photos today… It was cold.  And windy.  Where is the mild spring weather?!?!?

Blouse:  Banana Republic Floral Riviera Blouse
Pants:  ADAM wide leg jeans
Necklace:  Amrita Singh
Bracelets:  Amrita Singh
Hat:  Pamoa
Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange
Purse:  Vieta (similar)
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’

Getting over the winter blahs with red ankle pants

red pants plaid shirt cashmere winter outfit

Sweater:  J.Crew Factory cashmere v-neck
Shirt:  Jones New York, thrifted {an all-time favorite – last seen here}
Pants:  J.Crew ‘Minnie’ (similar J.Crew Factory offering)
Necklace:  J.Crew Factory
Bracelets:  Amrita Singh bangles, thrifted bangles, J.Crew Factory
Purse:  Josette Cacnio
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’

I have a serious case of the winter blahs right now…



casual canada winter outfit yoga jeans

winter outfit purple skinny jeans sweater

chunky cozy scarf

I wear my dark denim skinny Yoga Jeans a lot (see them here, here, here, here and here), so when I was contacted about reviewing a pair of Yoga Jeans from the S/S 2013 line, I jumped at the opportunity.  Since I am a creature of habit, I chose a skinny style (YOGA 96/97 SWP1197 high rise – very similar to my original pair) but in a fun lavender color.  As expected, the colored denim is incredibly comfortable and is stretchy without stretching out.  I wholeheartedly agree with the claim that these pants are comfortable enough for yoga yet fashionable enough for everyday wear.  In fact, I wear my yoga jeans while lounging around the house because they are just THAT comfortable (something I never do with my other jeans of work pants – normally I am a change-into-sweat pants gal as soon as I walk through the door).  These are definitely a new favorite for spring!  If you haven’t tried on a pair of Yoga Jeans, I highly suggest you pop by Nordstrom your local denim shop OR enter the giveaway below!

To win your own pair of Yoga Jeans:  “like” Yoga Jeans on Facebook and leave a comment on this post to indicate your preferred style (check out the Second Denim website to see all the options)
The fine print:  Contest open to EVERYONE worldwide and ends Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted shortly thereafter

Sweater:  Pure Alfred Sung
Pants:  Yoga Jeans c/o Second Denim Company
Hat:  Club Monaco ‘Lydia’
Scarf:  Joe Fresh
Bracelet:  Cassis
Bag:  Walter
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’

White wool coat and a printed midi dress

canadian winter outfit belted wool coat

winter look wool coat over printed dress

Coat:  Costa Blanca {old but still in heavy rotation} (similar)
Dress:  F21 – I don’t often shop at F21, but this dress caught my eye… (very similar)
Hat:  Club Monaco Lydia hat
Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange
Tights:  Jessica at Sears
Purse:  Walter
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’ – my go-to winter heeled boots (mostly becasue they are my only heeled boots…)


J.Crew Paley pants and a cozy RW & Co. sweater




We are getting blasted by a cold-snap this week.  It’s to the point where Scooter (our dog) has zero interest in going outside.  When we open the patio door, he immediately backs away and looks up as if to say “seriously? you expect me to go out in that?”  Such a funny guy. 

Have you entered the MsDressy.com giveaway yet? 

Faux-leather sleeve blazer:  Dynamite {fall 2012}
Turtleneck sweater:  RW & Co. {old – circa 2004-ish maybe?}
Blouse:  Pure Alfred Sung
Pants:  J.Crew Paley Pants {absolutely love this style – wish J.Crew would come out with the Paley in more colors like they do with the cafe capris)
Hat:  bought through Hautelook…can’t recall the brand
Gloves:  Zellers
Bag:  Walter
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’


I probably should clarify – when I say cold-snap I mean the bundled up like a sausage & wearing long underwear under my work clothes type of weather…  These pics were taken last week in slightly milder weather. 

J.Crew Hacking jacket and a damask-print t-shirt




I should probably mention that it was about +8 Celcius when I took these pictures – not exactly t-shirt weather, but not freezing either (like today… -34 Celcius with the windchill…ugh, no thank you)

Blazer:  J.Crew Hacking Jacket
Shirt: J.Crew Mirrored Floral Tee
Pants:  Gap
Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange
Necklace:  Osolee
Bracelets:  Club Monaco, J.Crew Factory, homemade
Purse:  Erica Anenberg ‘Anaconda’
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’

Since damask is one of my favorite prints, I thought I would share some other damask-print finds today…

Burgundy sweater and white pants




Sorry for the post delay.  I normally try to post 3+ times per week, however due to some unfortunate news, this week I took a mini-break.  It turns out a good friend has cancer. It’s likely stage 4…
He’s only a few years older than me, and hadn’t been looking or feeling well for the last month or two.  We all just assumed that it was a cold that hung around.  Turns out it was cancer.  That has probably metastasized.  Follow up tests are scheduled.
The news is obviously numbing.  And I’m not the one with the cancer.  I can’t begin to fathom what must be going through his mind.  I know he’s having a tough time with the news {as would anyone!}, but he’s putting on a incredibly brave face and handling the current situation with an amazing amount of grace.  
I debated writing this post, but part of healing is sharing…

Sweater:  Pure Alfred Sung  {also seen here}
Pants:  ADAM  {last seen here}
Necklaces:  Osolee ‘Marilyn’ Bib Necklace, J.Crew Factory
Purse:  Vintage
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’


Cozy Winter Sweater & Yoga Jeans





I (expletive) suck at trying to decipher nonsense words – you know, when you want to comment on blogs, or sign into some websites, or stream illegal videos (what? who?) that annoying dialogue comes up asking you to prove that you’re not a robot.  It often takes me 3+ tries to successfully verify my humanity.  I’m seriously brutal.  Refreshing to “easier” combinations help…sometimes…

Sweater:  RW & Co. {old – bought during my undergrad…maybe circa 2003?}
Shirt:  J.Crew Elodie Blouse {last winter}  (similar)
Pants:  Skinny Yoga Jeans by Second Denim
Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange
Hat:  Club Monaco Cashmere Hat
Scarf:  Bought as part of a fundraising initiative a couple years ago…
Mitts:  Zellers
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’