Steve Madden

After the rain

In between rain storms I went to visit a friend.  Smartest colour decision ever, given the weather?  No.  But fortunately I didn’t end up getting stuck in the rain.  It could have been bad.

Lace Top:  Moon (bought at The Bay) (or similar)
Jeans:  London Jean, Victoria’s Secret (similar)
Necklaces: both Amrita Singh (similar and similar)
Bracelet:  Lulu’s (similar)
Glasses:  Armani Exchange (very similar)
Purse:  Steve Madden Berkeley tote (similar)
Shoes:  Calvin Klein ‘Sandrie’ Loafers

First Day of Spring!

While completely coincidental, it seems somewhat fitting that on the first day of spring (thank you Google for informing me via doodle) I am wearing shorts for the first time this year. 

Silk blouse:  J.Crew Elodie blouse [similar]
Shorts:  Old Navy [similar, similar]
Necklace:  RW & Co. [similar]
Cuff:  Z Designs (via Beyond the Rack)
Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange [similar]
Purse:  Steve Madden ‘Berkeley’ Messenger Bag
Shoes:  Cole Haan ‘Air Andi’ gold flats [similar]

Last Weekend…

I have been debating whether I should put these photos up.  This is definitely not my favorite outfit, however it is what I wore last weekend when Kevin and I finally went to check out Ottawa’s new Ikea store (biggest in Canada I believe).  Ikea was packed.  There were people everywhere.  All walking slowly.  The parking lot was also a disaster.  All in all, it was a bad experience and we shouldn’t have gone.  The hassle and frustration wasn’t worth the one dinner plate that I bought (to replace one I broke). 

Shawl:  Winners (similar here)
Black and navy tank top:  Dex, The Bay (similar here and here)
Sweater:  Banana Republic (similar here)
Pants:  Victoria’s Secret white skinny jeans (similar here and here)
Necklace:  Amrita Singh (similar here and here)
Purse: Steve Madden ‘Berkeley’ Messenger Bag (no longer available – similar here and here)
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’ boots (or also available here)


There were taken earlier in the week when it was somewhat mild out (although as soon as I was done taking pictures, I immediately put my coat back on!). 

I was browsing around the Banana Republic site today, and I was surprised how many of their tops were made of polyester.  Don’t get me wrong, polyester is fine for F21, Joe Fresh, and Old Navy, but from Banana Republic I expect to see better quality fabrics.  What baffles me more, is the pricing – BR is still charging the prices they would have charged for silk 1-2 years ago. Case and point: this SILK ruffled tank top.  I bought it from BR last summer.  I believe it was priced at $78 in Canada.  Compare that with this POLYESTER ruffled tank top for $85 that currently on the Banana Republic Canada website.  With the exception of some pleating, it is the exact same top, for more-or-less the same price, but this year’s version is made out of polyester, not silk.  I am not impressed.  If they are trying to pull polyester over my eyes, I am definitely going to complain (and possibly take more business to J.Crew instead).

for some reason I sized this picture smaller than the rest – only 299×480 instead of my normal 400×640. If I stretch it out, it gets a little blurry, so…

Silk blouse:  J.Crew (similar)
Jeans:  Yoga Jeans by Second Clothing (made in Canada!)
Scarf:  Joe Fresh (similar)
Bag:  Steve Madden ‘Berkeley’ messenger bag
Cuff:  Lulu’s (similar here and here)
Glasses:  Armani Exchange
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’ boots (or also sold here)

Nesting Behaviour

Something about winter triggers my cleaning-cooking-crafting behaviour.  But what is most surprising is that I actually have a desire to cook and bake.  To Kevin`s despair, I am not much of a cook.  Normally.  However, today I have a batch of blueberry-banana muffins in the oven and have a Thai chicken recipe picked out for dinner.  Very odd. 

A significant number of these pictures turned out slightly awkward…case and point below:

Blazer:  Jones New York, thrifted (similar here and here)
Silk blouse:  J. Crew `Elodie` blouse (similar)
Pants:  RW & Co. (similar here and here)
Purse:  Steve Madden Berkely messenger bag
Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini `Karissa`boots (or here)

Hooray for outdoor photos!

This is autumn?

Stripe tee crop ankle pants

Not much to say today other than I HATE TRAFFIC!!!! 

Laura Wears stripe t-shirt

Top:  Banana Republic ‘Rugby stripe pocket tee’ (currently on sale!)
Pants:  RW & Co. – found on a sale rack for $15!  Wasn’t sure I would get to wear them until spring.  Hooray for the mild weather!
Necklace:  RW & Co.
Bracelets:  Mexx & Ricki’s (I think…)
Bag:  Steve Madden
Shoes:  Matiko ‘Sloan’ wedge
Glasses:  Armani Exchange


A hypochondirac moment…


I bought these Enzo Angiolini boots on Hautelook a few weeks ago & they finally arrived yesterday.  Unfortunately, I had a mini-panic attack when I took them out of the box because there was a white powder substance all over them.  Naturally, I immediately thought of anthrax & forcefully tossed the boots onto my balcony.  I did a quick Google search, but had no luck finding info about Enzo Angiolini boots covered with white powder.  So, I decided to call Hautelook. Their customer service rep was very pleasant, but she had no idea why I would have white powder on the boots – her suggestion was that something had simply fallen in the box during packaging.  Okay – like what?  Poison?  Eeeeek!  This is seriously how my mind works sometimes.  Next, I tried calling The Jones Group – the North American distributor of Enzo Angiolini boots.  I had to leave a voice mail for Tina, their customer service rep.  So far, no response.  So, I was still freaking out, and decided to give Google search another try.  I ended up finding my boots on Piperlime, accompanied by a warning that the boots will have a leather protector on them when they first arrive.  Phew – I am going to assume the white powder is just a leather protector.  Why would there not have been a product insert in the box discussing the protective coating?  Since I don’t believe white powdered boots are the norm, a little information would have been nice.  That’s my helpful thought of the day 🙂





Top:  Zara
Pants:  Guess Jeans
Bag:  Steve Madden
Scarf:  Joe Fresh
Glasses:  Armani Exchange
Necklace:  Amrita Singh
Bracelets:  Mexx, Ricki’s
Boots:  Enzo Angiolini ‘Karissa’ boots (should have stuck to my gut and ordered a 7.5.  The size 8 is just slightly too big.  I will keep the size 8’s becasue it is not possible to switch them for a size 7.5 – I would have to wait for the next Enzo Angiolini sale & hope these boots were featured.  Too much work and too much time).